Project Hope

Our Project Hope, community outreach and development projects are an extension of our belief that substance abuse is a continuum. It is not contained within individual addicts but affects their families, the workplace, their communities. And, of course, families, the workplace and communities all play a role in <enabling addictive behavior>

We believe, therefore that as <specialists in alcohol and drug rehabilitation> we have a duty to pass on our knowledge and skills to the community around our Clinic.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in substance abuse amongst the youth- and we have seen a specific increase in the use of heroin and dagga in the communities in which Westview Clinic delivers sevices. This leads to an increase in dual diagnosis, because there is both a substance abuse and a psychiatric problem. And of course it leads to a much wider spectrum of additional social problems including crime (particularly domestic violence), and the spread of HIV/AIDS. All of which creates havoc in the lives of individuals, the family and the community.


Westview Clinic’s Project Hope initiative ,  targeting informal crèches and particularly the care givers- women who provide daily care (06h00- 18h00) to young children in traditionally disadvantaged communities. The programme, delivered via regular workshops, consist of:

  1. teaching care givers to grow sufficient organic vegetables to feed the children daily on a sustainable basis
  2. providing seedlings on a regular basis
  3. selling of surplus vegetables (income generating)
  4. assisting care givers to manufacture and sell blankets to supplement their income- as part of the entrepreneurship economic development programme
  5. creating awareness of the effects of substance abuse (as well as other related family disorders) and developing of life skills amongst care givers and enabling them to impart this knowledge to the children in their care

Clearly there is always more that can be done. Chairs, toilets, toys and other equipment are still needed. Westview Clinic in itself is not in a position to fund extras. We therefore rely on the generosity of our loyal friends and supporters.