In Patients


Recovery and healing from addiction are only possible when the patient co-operates. So, we accept only those patients who admit themselves voluntarily.

We are a registered Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic, quality assessed by the Department of Social Development. Most medical aids will pay for a patient’s treatment. Discounts are available for cash patients. We try to assist everyone who walks through our doors.


In our experience, there is no size fits all, no single recipe for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Patients have a far better chance of recovery if they are assisted to move on from where they find themselves at the time they join us, rather than being forced to follow a rigid<treatment regime>.

Therefore, on admission, each patient is assessed both medically and therapeutically by our trained staff. A personalized treatment programme, including a recommended duration of stay, is then drawn up.


A medical doctor sees all patients shortly after admission- for a comprehensive medical assessment. Thereafter, the doctor sees them weekly for the duration of their stay.

Each patient has at least one individual session with a dedicated therapist once a week.

Every patient also attends two <group therapy sessions>. The morning group focuses on the nature of addiction, the <triggers for addiction>, recognizing one’s own <addiction patterns> and managing one’s own addiction patterns.

The afternoon groups are more practical in nature. The focus is on developing social and life skills, such as conflict management, trust and self-image.

In addition, every morning after breakfast, all patients attend a Climate Meeting, at which they give us feedback on our services and facilities. We believe the patient’s experience in and of Westview Clinic is as important to the <recovery process> as the therapy and medication we provide. The Climate Meeting enables us to address suggestions and complaints immediately.


One unique feature of our treatment programme in involving patients in at least two social  outings per month. On Friday afternoons the patients have a potjiekos which they have to prepare while they have a braai on a Saturday afternoon.

This enables the patients to practice the coping skills with which we equip them within the safety net of our support and to realize that they can have fun without resorting to alcohol or drugs.


We also provide our patients with ideas and techniques based on non-invasive alternative such as relaxation techniques and massages that allow stress reduction, at times a trigger for their substance dependencies.


Once the patients have left the Clinic, they have the option of returning for individual counseling as well as sessions on a Monday and Thursday evening that include their families. Monday night therapeutic groups are for patients in their first year of recovery. Thursday night support group are for patients who are no longer in their recovery.