About Us

Westview Clinic started out in 1970 in a caravan in Horizon, Roodepoort, handing out information pamphlets to the publics and offering out-patient care. Increasing demand for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in general and for in-patient facilities in particular necessitated the move and the best available building was a converted police station in the Roodepoort CBD. The Clinic then became known as Sanca West Rand Clinic.

While the converted police station in the Roodepoort CBD provided adequate space, the environment did not do justice to the services we delivered and we began to put plans in place for owning our own facility in a more attractive location that would help patients feel more upbeat.

In the interim, the Clinic was moved to the Fauchard Medical Centre.

Our plans became reality seven years ago, when we were able to buy the office building, 9 Madeline Street, Florida. We converted it into a modern, airy 21-bed Clinic. Then we aquired the residential property next door, 7 Madeline Street- providing the Clinic with a pleasant garden, swimming pool, outdoor chess and a lapa with braai facilities.

Many addicts lose their sense of self worth and self esteem. Restoring an addicts’ dignity is, therefore an essential part of their treatment. Which is why, at Westview Clinic we believe in keeping our equipment, accommodation and other facilities as attractive, comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Once we achieved our goal of owning our own facility, we felt the time was right to begin operating independently from the umbrella organization, Sanca National Directorate. We celebrated the official renaming of the facility from Sanca West Rand to Westview Clinic on 17 July 2009. At the time, we changed our slogan to “The unique touch”.

Our formal credentials have not changed. We are still registered as a Non Profit Organization and an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Clinic. In 2008 the Department of Social Development conducted a Quality Assurance Assessment at the Clinic. The Clinic was rated as a best practice model operating in compliance with Government’s minimum norms and standards for in-patient/ out-patient facilities.


Westview Clinic is given direction by a management board that meets every second month. Its members are drawn from the surrounding communities on the West Rand and reflect the demographic profile of these communities.

Operationally, Westview Clinic is run by a Directorate comprised of the director and four Senior staff members

The Directorate meets every second week, all senior staff meet with their own staff members once a week and the Directorate meets with all employees once a month.